Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Bush is a Moron, Ooops

The AP and the bloviating media is back on the Bush was AWOL story with this report. It's good to see they're getting deep into this one, just like they dug deep into the Kerry medals flap and his post-Vietnam antics. Nevertheless, the AP story did have an interesting tidbit that I'm sure many lefties will choose to overlook:
The records also show Bush made a grade of 88 on total airmanship and a perfect 100 for flying without navigational instruments, operating a T-38 System and studying applied aerodynamics. Other scores ranged from 89 in flight planning to 98 in aviation physiology.

I think it was at about this time that Al Gore was flunking out of both law school and divinity school and when John Kerry couldn't get into Harvard. By the way, George W. Bush did get into Harvard.

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