Wednesday, March 03, 2004


The French are getting blackmailed. When do the surrender talks begin?

French rail in bomb blackmail: mystery terrorists demand cash

PARIS, March 3 (AFP) - The French government is being blackmailed by a previously unknown group which has planted at least one bomb on the country's railway system and is demanding a ransom of more than USD 5 million, the interior ministry said Wednesday.

Since December a group calling itself AZF has sent six letters to President Jacques Chirac and Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, condemning France's political and economic establishment and threatening to explode 10 bombs on the railways unless the money is paid.

The government said it is taking the threat seriously and has activated the anti terrorist section of the police as well as the domestic intelligence agency DST. A judicial investigation has been set up under the country's top anti terrorist judge Jean Louis Bruguiere.

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