Thursday, April 22, 2004

Religion of Peace?

The Evening Standard in London has published an interesting article detailing the kooks that follow al-Qaeda.

"As far as I'm concerned, when they bomb London, the bigger the better," says Abdul Haq, the social worker. "I know it's going to happen because Sheikh bin Laden said so. Like Bali, like Turkey, like Madrid - I pray for it, I look forward to the day."

But America didn't cause this as we so often hear from the caterwauling on the left. It actually was a call to arms on 9/11:
But it was the events of 11 September that crystallised Sayful's worldview. "When I watched those planes go into the Twin Towers, I felt elated," he says. "That magnificent action split the world into two camps: you were either with Islam and al Qaeda, or with the enemy. I decided to quit my job and commit myself full-time to al-Muhajiroun." Now he does not consider himself British. "I am a Muslim living in Britain, and I give my allegiance only to Allah."

They need to be stopped, especially if there are similiar sentiments here in the US.

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