Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Iranian Nuclear Power... For Peaceful Purposes?

Think again. Apparently, the Iranians have sent the dunces at the EU a letter demanding certain things be done in the current standoff including:
Iran said the EU-3 should support Iran's quest for "advanced (nuclear) technology, including those with dual use" - a reference to equipment that has both civilian and military applications.

If that's not enough to set off the alarm bells, I wonder what would -- a mushroom cloud. The left has been saying that Iran only wants to build nuke plants to generate power. Now, leaving aside that Iran is sitting on a sea of oil and the largest natural gas deposits in the world, will people finally see that Iran wants nuclear weapons? Even Hans Blix could see this one.

And John Kerry still wants to call their bluff and give them nuclear fuel. I think he took too many wounds in Vietnam.

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