Monday, August 02, 2004

It's Official: KERRY IS A MORON!!!!!!!!

I can't believe they want to do this:

James P. Rubin, senior foreign-policy adviser to the campaign, sat down in Detroit with NEWSWEEK's Richard Wolffe to explain what would be different under a Kerry administration. Excerpts:

John Kerry regards an Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism armed with nuclear weapons as unacceptable. He has a multiple-part strategy that is much more realistic than the Bush administration's. "The point is to try to prevent Iran from ever getting this material surreptitiously. Thirdly, he has proposed that rather than letting the British, the French and the Germans do this themselves, that we together call the bluff of the Iranian government, which claims that its only need is energy. And we say to them: "Fine, we will provide you the fuel that you need if Russia fails to provide it." Participating in such a diplomatic initiative makes it more likely to succeed.

And, on the off-chance this is wrong, the Kerry website has this:
John Kerry's proposal would call their bluff by organizing a group of states to offer Iran the nuclear fuel they need for peaceful purposes and take back the spent fuel so they cannot divert it to build a weapon. If Iran does not accept this offer, their true motivations will be clear.
Kerry needs to give them nuclear fuel to figure out what their intentions are? And if they accept it, does that mean that it's for peaceful purposes? Duh. Not only is he a moron, he's insane!!!! Has he ever heard of the Agreed Framework? Does he realize what a disaster that was? Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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