Monday, November 17, 2003

And in my email this weekend was this from the Department of Defense (I'm on one of their email lists):
No. 851-03
Nov 15, 2003

DoD Statement on News Reports of al-Qaida and Iraq Connections

News reports that the Defense Department recently confirmed new information with
respect to contacts between al-Qaida and Iraq in a letter to the Senate Intelligence
Committee are inaccurate.

A letter was sent to the Senate Intelligence Committee on October 27, 2003 from
Douglas J. Feith, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, in response to follow-up
questions from his July 10 testimony. One of the questions posed by the committee
asked the Department to provide the reports from the Intelligence Community to which
he referred in his testimony before the Committee. These reports dealt with the
relationship between Iraq and al-Qaida.

The letter to the committee included a classified annex containing a list and
description of the requested reports, so that the Committee could obtain the reports
from the relevant members of the Intelligence Community.

The items listed in the classified annex were either raw reports or products of the
CIA, the NSA, or, in one case, the DIA. The provision of the classified annex to
the Intelligence Committee was cleared by other agencies and done with the
permission of the Intelligence Community. The selection of the documents was made
by DOD to respond to the Committee's question. The classified annex was not an
analysis of the substantive issue of the relationship between Iraq and al Qaida, and
it drew no conclusions.

Individuals who leak or purport to leak classified information are doing serious
harm to national security; such activity is deplorable and may be illegal.

No denial of the information. Again, case closed.

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