Saturday, November 22, 2003

Just say no... to the International Criminal Court:

Bomber's Cell is Plush

Families of Pan Am flight 103 victims are expressing outrage over reports that a former Libyan intelligence officer who was convicted in the 1988 Pan Am bombing is serving his prison sentence in luxury....

Pictures of Megrahi's surroundings at the Glasgow prison have appeared in the British media.

News of the World said the facilities rival those of a four-star hotel.

"They include his own kitchen and shower room, a sitting room and bedroom with en-suite toilet," the newspaper said.

The Daily Mail wrote that the conditions are in contrast to those experienced by the rest of the prisoners.

"Obviously, this is not justice or punishment, this is just part of a deal," said Dan Cohen, of Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey Cohen is the father of Theodora Cohen, one of the 270 persons who died in the December 21, 1988, explosion over Lockerbie, Scotland.

This is the crap that the ICC will eventually dole out, if it can actually convict someone without stepping all over itself. The guy should rot in some Godforsaken stinkhole for his crime. The EUnichs behind this make me sick.

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