Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Saddam and Osama: Take Two

Slate has a take on the DoD memo allegedly denying the Weekly Standard's story on the leaked memo:

The DoD objection is a bit of a red herring. Except for the Weekly Standard's grandiose title "Case Closed" (it should have been titled "Case Open"), the Hayes piece works assiduously (until its final paragraph, at least) not to oversell the memo. Hayes' ample quotations from the memo preserve much of the qualifying language that fudges any absolute case for the Saddam-Osama connection.

This doesn't prevent Pincus from letting his sources rip the memo. One anonymous "former senior intelligence officer" quoted by Pincus sniffs that the memo is not an intelligence product but "data points ... among the millions of holdings of the intelligence agencies, many of which are simply not thought likely to be true."

Case Open

The pinheads on the left, including whining, sniveling lefties like Pincus and his anti-war "reporting", don't want to touch this. They really are pathetic.

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