Thursday, November 13, 2003

Apparently, he's trying to sound like Clinton.

KERRY-ISMS. But is everything all right?

Kerry said on CNN’s “Inside Politics” on Nov. 3, “I am not as far behind in New Hampshire today as Al Gore was to Bill Bradley four years ago.”

On Oct. 27, he told the New York Observer, “Al Gore was behind Bill Bradley by more points than I am right now behind Howard Dean.”

That isn’t so, at least in New Hampshire.

Recent polls show Kerry trailing Dean here by 13 or 14 percentage points.

In early November 1999, the American Research Group had Gore leading Bradley, 46 to 40 percent, and a Dartmouth College/Associated Press poll had Gore leading Bradley 48 to 41 percent. Newsweek at that time had Gore leading Bradley by 10 points, while Franklin Pierce College had Bradley leading Gore by 7.

Kerry told Bob Schieffer of CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, “I’m the only one in the campaign that’s raised over $20 million.” In fact, Dean raised about $25 million by the end of the third quarter.

Hey Captain Ketchup, I think you sucked in too much exhaust from the motorcycle on Leno. Any more of this and you're going to have to fire yourself.

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