Monday, December 01, 2003

An interesting read on Presidents' attending funerals. The left has been hammering Bush on this non-issue. In fact, this is a policy that started in 1991, and only recently has been enforced because of settled civil suit.
The Faux outrage. over this "political decision" from Clinton's former spinmeister Joe Lockhart is especially galling. But we'll let that go and simply point out that, as Milbank had to acknowledge, this policy started - military-wide - under Bill Clinton. And the original Dover policy actually dates back to 1991. The only thing that's changed is that, a civil suit against the restrictions at Dover having been won by the government, it is now being enforced.
As usual, the left needs to get a life and take their hits. In line with that, I can't wait for the Dean juggernaut to fall off the tracks.

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