Monday, December 08, 2003

We need to find these weapons:

He also insisted that the information contained in the dossier relating to Saddam's battlefield WMD capability was correct. "It is 100 per cent accurate," he said after reading the relevant passage.

The devices, which were known by Iraqi officers as "the secret weapon", were made in Iraq and designed to be launched by hand-held rocket-propelled grenades. They could also have been launched sooner than the 45-minutes claimed in the dossier.

"Forget 45 minutes," said Col al-Dabbagh "we could have fired these within half-an-hour."

I still believe that Saddam had wmds, but somehow skirted them out of the country or buried them, biding his time to use them at a later date. I still don't understand why the lefties cry about how Bush lied on this issue. It's not over yet. Remember, Iraq is the size of California and the weapons we're looking for can fit in a couple of tractor trailers. Imagine giving someone five years (starting in 1998) to hide something and then trying to find it. It took the government how many years to find Eric Rudolph hiding in the woods in NC. And for people they have to come up for air, while wmds can just sit forever. The left is jumping the gun on this, just like they jumped the gun on the looting of the museums. We all remember what happened (or didn't happen) there. Time will tell.

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