Thursday, December 11, 2003

Related to the post below, it looks like the folks at PNAC don't agree with the decsion by the Bush administration. I note this because a whole host of lefties believe that PNAC was a conspiracy to invade Iraq before Bush became president. Of course, if you go to PNAC and read what they have to say, especially Rebuilding America's Defenses, it says nothing of the sort. In fact, for years they supported an internal revolt where the US would assist with enlarged no-fly zones. The lefties of course, have their ears plugged on the grassy knoll.

December 11, 2003



SUBJECT: Contracts for Iraq: Reverse the Pentagon's Decision

President Bush, we suspect, is going to overrule the Pentagon's attempt to exclude from the bidding for Iraq reconstruction contracts certain countries that have opposed U.S. policy in Iraq. He might as well do it sooner rather than later, so as to minimize the diplomatic damage done by the Pentagon's heavy-handed and counterproductive action.

We hold no brief for the Chirac, Schroeder, or Putin governments. We are also very much in favor of finding ways to work more closely with other governments -- such as those of Britain, Spain and Poland -- who have courageously stood with us, and who hold the promise of continuing to be more helpful to us. We have even been critical of the Bush Administration for a certain lack of imagination in finding ways to work constructively with these friendly governments. But this particular effort by the Pentagon to reward friends and punish enemies is stupid, and should be abandoned.

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