Sunday, December 14, 2003

It's good to see that the EUnichs are finally taking it on the chin. Lefties have been telling me incessently that Europe is going to unite and take the US down economically. Well, so much for that as the EU Stares Into the Void Without Constitution. They're too divided to make this work. Plus, their proposed Constitution was nothing more than a leftie wish-list of "fundamental whinings". They should be happy this thing may fly into the dustbin where it belongs.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union's future course was cast into uncertainty Sunday after summit talks on a new constitution collapsed just five months before the bloc is due to expand into eastern Europe.

Poland and the Czech Republic warned against Franco-German talk of a "two-speed Europe" while Britain said Saturday's breakdown of negotiations to devise a new rulebook for a union of 25 nations would have little effect.

EU leaders Saturday aborted a summit due to approve the landmark constitution -- two years in the making -- when a clash over voting power pitting giants France and Germany against Spain and Poland proved insuperable.

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