Saturday, January 03, 2004

And You Liberals Complain about Freedom Under Bush

Take a look at what they're doing in Boston for the Democrat National Convention. You might as well call out the Gestapo to handle this:

The tightest security will be in the immediate area of the FleetCenter. A perimeter extending for five blocks on Causeway Street and encircling the arena, North Station, and the Thomas P. O'Neill Federal Building next door will admit only delegates, working media, and employees involved in the convention. They will have to pass through metal detectors and X-ray machines at tightly guarded checkpoints. Even Boston police won't be allowed inside the perimeter unless they have been authorized in advance.

With the exception of police cars and shuttle buses, Causeway Street near the FleetCenter will be closed to vehicles. There's also talk of closing down all or part of the new underground southbound tunnel of Interstate 93, though organizers say they'll probably only have major traffic disruptions on the highway while the presidential nominee is in the FleetCenter.

Cars will be barred altogether from the 11 blocks of storefronts and rowhouses known as the Bulfinch Triangle, bounded by Merrimac, Market, Beverly, and Causeway streets. Trucks delivering food, mail, and other supplies will be restricted to day trips before 2 p.m. To prevent the trucks from getting too close to the FleetCenter, police officials said, the vehicles might be required to park on Valenti Way, where the deliveries can be carried to the businesses throughout the area.

Why bother with delivies to businesses, no one can get to them. How this is going to benefit the city is beyond me. This is the most absurd thing I've ever seen. And the whiners on the left keep complaining about how the PATRIOT Act signed by Bush (but passed overwhelmingly in Congress) has taken away their rights. Well, it's done nothing of the sort, but head up to Boston in July and you'll see how your rights get taken away.

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