Saturday, January 03, 2004

Only in San Francisco

I used to have quite a bit of business in San Francisco and all through the 90's I noticed a distinct increase in homelessness. I later found out it was due to the generous cash payments of almost $400 they give to them just for having some loathesome disease, smelling like feces or urine, and living on the street. Well, this guy takes the cake. I wonder if he still collects the money from the city because heaven forbid they have some type of means testing for the homeless.

For years, there have been rumors among the homeless downtown that a drifter in North Beach was sleeping in the gutter while he had all the money he needed in the bank.

It's true. That drifter is 68-year-old Lou Dinarde.

Dinarde is homeless, he often sleeps in the gutter or on the sidewalk, and he has plenty of cash -- a trust fund that at one point was worth nearly $700,000. He draws $2,500 a month from the fund plus $500 a month in Social Security.

I wonder how I can get him to give it to me?

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