Saturday, January 17, 2004

Iowa Tightens

Here are the latest tracking poll numbers from Zogby for the Iowa Caucuses:

John Kerry - 23%
Howard Dean - 22%
Dick Gephardt - 19%
John Edwards - 18%
Wesley Clark - 3%
Dennis Kucinich - 2%
Joe Lieberman - 1%
Al Sharpton - 0.2%
Undecided - 11%

Kerry is surging after a dreadful campaign on all fronts. I suspect it's not due to his captivating delivery but more due to Dean's flame-out. I think Dean peaked a little too early in late December, giving both Democrats and the media time to punch the daylights out of him. Dean, himself, gave them fodder as well with his penchant for inserting his foot in his mouth and his head in his ass.

I'm still hoping that Dean pulls this off. He does have a lock on the younger, motivated, angry Bush-hater forces that no other candidate can tap. In fact, many of them live at home with their parents and are unreachable by the other candidates, due to their unlisted cell-phone numbers. I'm sure Dean has secured those numbers and will be getting them to the caucuses on Monday. I'm pretty sure that he will be sending a car for the 2 voters that Carol Moseley Braun threw his way as well.

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