Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Bush AWOL?

I always knew this story was total bull. In fact, I remember on the weekend before the election in 2000, the NY Times (yes, I used to subscribe) published a story debunking the Boston Globe's May 2000 story that raised the issue. No one saw the Times' story because the press was in a frenzy over Bush's old drunk driving charge. The story has remained dormant (except on loony left sites) until now when the looniest of the left Michael Moore and former general and now tin-hat wearer Wesley Clark took up the cudgels on the issue.

Rather than go into my diatribe on the issue, I found a good explanation concerning the facts on Bush's National Guard service. Amazingly, the left is wrong. Oh my, how could that have happened. I hope John Kerry continues to hammer on this issue. It will open up wounds relating to his service in Vietnam including his joining anti-US groups, throwing somone else's medals over the fence at the Capital, and his schizophrenic stand on military issues.

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